Alot has happened…

Hey Gazers!

Alot has happened since the last time I posted…

  • I sold Goldrunner
  • got a new horse
  • and started a new adventure

My new horse:

North Star

sorry for the stable girl phtoto bomb

anyways this is Northstar!

My new adventure:

I’ve officially become a freshman in highschool

I’m doing Art and Design Tech (Graphic Products)

My language is arabic

I do Geography (history is boring :P)

I do a double award science, I can’t be bothered with triple award :PP

but I’ve been hard at work.

This week I have to finish around 11 sketches and 4 brainstorms for Art

I have to finish I 5 page booklet for Design Tech

and I have to make an A3 poster for Geography

My school really like to push me 😛

But I’ve decided that I can’t really be an active gamer so I can’t really keep this blog going but I CAN start a personal blog

I am going to start a personal blog that is really going to be mostly about Fashion, School, Art etc.

I hope you support me through this and enjoy please check out my new blog : Artsy Issues (

Thanks you alll



Blogs <3

Hey Gazers,

I will be posting less on this blog and focusing more on my second blog

Its a blog about teen wolf and myself, please check it out 🙂

Thank you lovelies,

lots of love,

~Mags ❤

Wednesday’s Update:


Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s update where an old friend has a brand new look!

Brand New Morgan Horses
Ah, our beloved Morgan horses: loved all over Jorvik for their beauty, strength and personality, these wonderful creatures have long been a favourite in Star Stable. If you didn’t think there was any way for them to be more adorable than they already are, think again! With a new look and all-new animations, the new Morgans are ready and waiting to find a new home and a new BFF!

Ride out to Firgrove to meet these irresistible new lovelies!

More, More, Morgan!
More, More, Morgan!

Woop Woop! Fort Pinta Beach Party!
Tim is still hanging at Fort PInta ready for you to help him with all his summertime preparations, so head over and give him a hand because we reckon he’s a nice guy even if he is mad as a badger!

Beach Race
Did you check out the Fort Pinta Beach Race yet? If not, now’s the time! Go get your gallop on!

New Clothes & Tack!
Sweet new summery styles are on sale right now at the Fort Pinta Beach Shop, so it kinda makes sense to go check them out! Beach hang with Tim, beach race with your friends, then SHOPPING!

Horse Market
The horse market is now open at the Fishing Village, so why not take a trip out to say hello to your old friends Eddie and Ferdinand? They miss you!

That’s it for this week’s news! Have a fantastic week, and don’t forget to post all your best selfies with the new Morgan horse to our Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #MyMorgan

Hugs from the Star Stable team x

LOVE- The new Morgans look so good!! 🙂
HATE- The Morgans look great but I hate that they are making all the horses look like the american quarter :/ plus no story quests *Tries to be patient* 😛
Bye Gazers,

I’m soooooo excited…

… for the new Morgan, if you didn’t know about it here’s the video:

I really want the brown one its gorgeous with its grey and black mane!

I also wanted to say sorry to you gazers I WAS IN HARGHADA (info about trip on

No computers allowed sadly 😦

But when I got back I did the new beach missions so here are some pictures and I went dancing too 🙂fort pinta beach Beach Party Dancing Disco on the beach

and I have a photo of the new set ( BLUE ) I’ve only bought the top and pants so far and the one of the left side is still not finished I still need boots, gloves and a hat 🙂

New set

Thats all for today, I’ll post wednesday’s update this week but other then that,

Have a good day Gazers






TODAY IS A HAPPY DAY – BUT I don’t know why I’m writing this post at 6:50 in the morning when I really want to sleep…


I will be dying my hair red soon (in RL) and I’m ordering some teen wolf stuff off amazon:

A Stilinksi Hoodie ❤

Stilinski Hoodie

My friend is getting the McCall hoodie as well , I JUST LOVE STILES ❤

and this gorgeous Triskelion Necklace O_o

Triskelion Necklace


Back to SSO

Hey Gazers 🙂 IMG_9412

I got a new hair-do

Red Head xD New Hair

I always wanted red hair and I’ve been exploring short and long hairstyles for a while so I decided on this cute deep red messy bob 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about a new horse either the Morab or Morgan:


Morgan 🙂



I also went for a late night visit to the mall thinking about set ideas… Green? Maybe purple?

Late night Mall day

Then I got some amazing pictures on Sora and Spots: check them out —->

Midnight Photos Magic of Darkness Late night rides Late Night Pillow Fights Into the night

I really the the pictures with the hot air balloons and the light house and also the thin on with Spots ( with the castle in the background)  🙂

I love taking photos on them it was tons of fun, mostly because I seemed to be the only person online XD

So Gazers in the comments please tell which horse I should buy, set ideas, or maybe some hairstyle ideas too?

thats all for today 🙂


Short Post!

Hey Gazers,  IMG_9412 (made this on snapchat XD )

So this is just a short little post 🙂

I am saving up for this new set in the mall (outfit is labeled in the mall Blue Beach/Summer shirt, shoes, pants etc.)

It costs a total (including horses accessories) of: 840 star coins

I am also getting a new hair cut this Saturday, here’s a picture (not my photo):

Photo creds to  They have a whole starstable database including horses, clothes, accessories etc.

Photo creds to
They have a whole starstable database including horses, clothes, accessories etc.

Creds to the official website:

So that means in total I need 900 SC!!! XD (So. Much. Saving.)

I’m also used snapchat to make this cool signature for the end of each post XD (I was bored at the time 😛 )

Lots of Love,


IMG_9414 ❤



The Baroness and the Butterfly
The Baroness has sent one of her finest racehorses to Marley’s Farm for a little bit of training, and not everything is quite what it seems in this totally new mystery quest.

Ride out to Marley to find out what’s going on, and put your Sherlock skills to the test!

Help Marley work out what's going on with the Baroness' horse...
Help Marley work out what’s going on with the Baroness’ horse…

To enjoy this all-new quest, you’ll need to be a Star Rider and have completed the quests where you free Linda from Silverglade Castle as well as trying out Marley’s paddock race and barrel race for the first time.

More Midsummer!
Another week packed with Midsummer madness is all yours! More chances to trek around the treasure hunt and enjoy the celebrations all over Jorvik!

Raptor Disappoints!
So not only did Raptor insist he wouldn’t be signing autographs, but we just read in the Jorvik Gazette that he didn’t even turn up to the mall! This is the kind of thing we might expect from Kanye, but Raptor?! Please. We’re gonna spend all our time trying to reach his people and work out just where this diva has got to…

Woop! New Clothes!
A bunch of new fabulous fashions have landed on the shelves at Jorvik City Plaza, so why not take a leisurely trip on the bus and check them out?

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are setting up the horse market in Silverglade ready to welcome you soon.

Here’s hoping you have lots of fun with this week’s brand new quest!
Hugs from your Star Stable team x

POSITIVES- New quest with Marley (side quest) and the new clothes. I like the new quest because then I have something to do because Training and looking for dinosaur bones can get boring sometimes!

NEGATIVES- No main story quests!!! I really hope they might be working on something because alot of people are upset about the fact that they are giving any!

Lots of Love,

~Mags ❤

Mountains and Training! :)

Hey gazers!!

Its currently 7:48am here and I have not slept at all #AllNighterRule

And I wanted to tell you guys what I did today- I didn’t do much though xD

So first I took Sora (Skyfire) out for a bit of a ride to Firgrove to go to my secret little hideout to…


The Mountains of Jor!! (its not really there but you sorta/kinda/in a way enter that area xP)

Here are some cute pics of me and Sora (I don’t care about grammar I will NEVER write ‘Sora and I’ eww, NO!):


Sora looks so cute when she is nibbling on the grass so I had to take a quick photo ❤

Firgrove View

from my secret hideout you can see all of Firgrove Village O_o

Mountains of Jor

in the corner of this picture you can see a label from the map which says that this place is on the Mountains of Jor

In the grass

#selfie #SoraIsTheBest

I also have two photos that I edited a bit on GIMP:

So Tumblr edited

So dramatic x

Secret Hideout edited

Awww Cuteness ❤

Then I went back to Steve’s to pick up Spots to do a few races xD ( I honestly only did like 3 😛 )

Barrel Race Marleys Jumping Training

That’s all thats happened today, I will be posting later with an update review but until then…

Lots of love,


New Stuff + Posting

Hey Gazers!

I put up anew main image! -creds to Ruby for the logo!

I finished the my horses and about me pages -> go check them out!

MY posts will be at random there will be no specific day….


Wednesday I will be doing a review of the update and a few in-game photos!

If you have an idea, suggestions or questions, PLEASE TELL ME 

lots of love,

-Mags (✿◠‿◠) *smiles* xD

Your Choice

Hello Gazers, (thats you guys 🙂 )

I’ve made a 2 different logos for JSG (Jorvik Star Gazers) and I wanted you gazers to chose which logo you would like to be official.


Jorvik StarGazers


Jorvik Star Gazers


here’s the poll :

VOTE for your favorite logo 🙂

lots of love,